With the election of our Founding Director Michelle Thomson to the Scottish Parliament Momentous Change is now being wound up. You can still view and download our reports for the time being.

Roger and Michelle thank you all for being such good clients.

We will both be creating momentous change elsewhere.

Music: 'Morning Walk' - Jonny Easton  |  Music License: Creative Commons  |  videographer Gavin Hugh

Change in recent years has become ever more pervasive, and the rate of change is accelerating. Many of the beliefs and apparent certainties of the past have disintegrated. Fast moving developments in the fields of technology, politics and economics are forcing us to rethink past assumptions.

Today organisational culture is more significant than organisational structure and trust is more important than hierarchy. Examples such as major banks and governments testify to the need for a deeper understanding of activities such as decision making, strategy setting and governance.

The starting point is often to engage people in a process of reflection on what they are doing and why: of reflecting both on uncertainties and complexities, and using these reflections to support taking action.

Momentous Change Ltd. was founded upon the ethos that change may bring challenges, but it also brings opportunities, particularly for businesses that are innovative and entrepreneurial in outlook.

Roger and Michelle 2019


'Making Change Momentous'