Our unique skill set of research, academia, change consultancy and practitioner experience, combined with an unparalleled network of contacts from senior business and political leaders enables us to take on a diverse range of projects.

We have just launched our ground-breaking report into Scotland's global business diaspora, commissioned on behalf of Scottish Business Network. This is of interest to businesses that export, that are seeking to do so or policy makers. Scotland has huge goodwill globally - and this can be translated into opportunity. We hope our research can add some insights to help shape how we all gain from those around the world who hold Scotland dear. Here is what Kingsley Aikins; a leading authority on harnessing the power of the Irish diaspora had to say:

"Congratulations on a timely, frank and important report on the Scottish Diaspora which underscores what a formidable underutilised resource the Scottish Diaspora represents. What was striking in this landmark report was the realisation that 'lost actors can become national assets' and the Diaspora can play an important role in nation branding for Scotland. In a world where major powers are looking inwards small countries like Scotland and Ireland need to do the opposite and build global networks of affluence and influence. Key now is to build on this encouraging report and put policies, programmes and projects in place to build on the potential".

Read our report here.


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Previous Projects

An international Stock Exchange for Scotland

We were commissioned to undertake research into the possibility of reintroducing a stock exchange in Scotland. You can read our Executive Summary and our main report here.


Brexit and Scottish Business

Momentous Change Ltd's launch project addressed how businesses were planning for Brexit. The aim of our research - and our biggest challenge – was how best to identify meaningful information that could guide future endeavours under the uncertain conditions posed by Brexit. This led us to capture the views of business leaders spanning a broad range of sectors and representing businesses of varying scale from SMEs to some of the largest businesses in Scotland. Our approach was to encourage reflection-in-action.

Such was the depth and diversity of views we issued an interim report in October 2017.  It suggested the most challenging divide was not between those who supported and those who condemned leaving the EU, but rather the different approaches businesses were taking to addressing the future.

Our final report was published in February 2018 and was referenced in 240 publications across the UK. It outlined some of the many uncertainties and complexities and recommended that business actively seek coping strategies and the type of innovation and change that will provide a strong platform for the future, whatever that future may be. Review our final report here .

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Business Banking

Our Founding Partner Michelle Thomson, is an Ambassador for this Westminster-based group and is also the Chair of the Board responsible for delivery of the Contracts Working Group. More information about the APPG can be found here:


African Entrepreneurial Network

Both of our Founding Directors are on the Advisory Board of this young network based in Kenya. See;


These are just a few of the projects we have underway. For obvious reasons, some of them must remain confidential.

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